Netherlands – 9-11 September 2016

Masterclass Sean Michael Andrews

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American hypnotist Sean Michael Andrews is known worldwide as “The Worlds Fastest Hypnotist”. He is an international certified hypnotist/hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Supervising Instructor at the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute and teacher at the American School for Clinical Hypnosis International. He is a phenomenon at rapid and instant inductions. Sean is coming to the Netherlands for a  spectacular 3-day masterclass where you can develop yourself to the best hypnotist you can be. Enough reasons to join! Manual, drinks, lunch and certificate are included.

Program Day 1&2- Instant & Rapid Induction and much more

Rapid and instant inductions give a hypnotist the flexibility to hypnotize more people, the confidence to be more effective, and the ability to attract more clients. Client safety is the most important consideration and simple rules to ensure the comfort and safety of the subject will be emphasized in this class. Ericksonian confusion techniques as well as shock inductions will be demonstrated and PRACTICED. This is very much a HANDS ON class with a lot of practice. These inductions are applicable to street hypnosis, stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Participants will describe the safety considerations and meaning of the acronym N.E.W.S. Participants will practice and perform the two types of instant inductions, shock and confusion. Participants will be able to explain the “escape”

·         The Prebrief – The most essential part of any hypnosis session

·         The best induction for clinical hypnosis

·         The best induction for demonstrations and for the stage

·         Types of Candidates and how to hypnotize them

·         Safety rules to protect your clients

·         Abreactions and how to deal with them

·         The Hypnotic Hangover – How to cure it

·         Suggestibility Testing

·         Quick ways to deepen the trance

·         Depth Testing

·         Signs of Trance

·         The Hand Drop Induction

·         World´s Most Powerful Hypnotist Trick – This will make you a star!

·         The Arm Pull Induction

·         Handshake Interrupt Induction

·         Ambiguous Touch Induction

·         Owning youtube

Program Day 3 – Essential NLP, Body Language  and Presentation Skills for Hypnotists

A hypnotist who doesn’t know NLP and body language is operating at a severe disadvantage.
These skills will get you more clients, obtain more cooperation from your clients and cause them to go into hypnosis much easier.

·         Active Body Language – How to send the right message

·         Passive Body Language – Read others and adjust to them

·         Owning the Room

·         Table Geography – Where someone sits makes a big difference in how you deal with them

·         Sensory acuity – Essential for connecting with people and reading their thoughts, moods

·         Rapport Building – Connect with clients and others

·         Anchoring – Lock in positive feelings, Encourage exercise

·         Anchor Collapse – Fast way to stop unresourceful feelings

·         Circle of Excellence – Prepare your client for performances

·         Fast Phobia Cure is NOT Just For Phobias – Destroy bad feelings!

·         Propulsion System to Encourage Exercise

·         NLP Headache Cure

Information and registration
Friday september 9 till sunday september 11 2016
Time: 10.00 uur – 17.00 uur
Location: Hypnosecentrum Haarlemmermeer, Heereweg 333a, 2161 BL Lisse
Costs: 995 euro including lunch, coffee and tea. Discount: the first 10 registrations will get a discount of 200 euro! Your price for the  3-day masterclass will be only 795 euro.  Seats are limited.
For whom?:
– people who have knowlegde of NLP and/or hypnosis
– anyone who is interested in hypnosis
– coaches, therapists
How to Register:

Send Email to Brenda Vader and she will sign you up!